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synapseRT 9.4 Brings New UI - UX Features to Drive Faster Software Delivery

Feb 28, 2019 | by Krittika Banerjee | posted in synapseRT for Jira

With the influx in software upgrades and product versions in the market, the constant need to make testing of these software products smoother and faster demands improved UI/UX features in test management tools. Enterprise test management tools with enhanced user interface and easy-to-use features enable QA teams to implement an automation solution in very less time. synapseRT is here with its upgraded 9.4 version for Jira, packed with loads of new and interesting UI features that will enable enhanced user experience, improving usability and therefore productivity and performance.

synapseRT 9.4 comes with improved UI/UX features that enhance its usability, and aid smarter and faster ways to manage test cases and requirements. The new version also comes with some bug fixes, so you will have a smoother experience.

Here's a quick look at the new features:

Navigate across synapseRT conveniently: More flexible options in the "Tests" menu on the synapseRT platform to help your teams navigate across pages more conveniently and efficiently, improving your user experience and helping you increase productivity. Track changes in synapseRT entities: Introducing an "Audit Log" feature in the "Tests" menu that will record user-based activities in synapseRT. You can track changes as per 'who, when, where, and what' every time a user uses the synapseRT platform.

Iimprove performance with a better UI: A new pagination feature will provide lists of items displayed on pages and panels.

Improved usability in European languages: CSV Delimiter is now configurable to adapt European languages and other languages, to make it easy for the users to import and export test cases, reports, and other data.

Quick turnarounds with new JQLs and APIs: Introducing more JQLs and APIs for improved user experience. The new JQLs enhance search functionality in various pages to give users a convenient way to filter a set of test cases and test executions.

With all these additions, synapseRT continues to be the most powerful test management tool within Jira available in the market. Get the latest version to empower your testers and developers better.

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