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Improve Your Testing Outcomes With synapseRT 9.6

May 5, 2020 | by Krittika Banerjee | posted in synapseRT for Jira

synapseRT is here with its upgraded 9.6 version for Jira, packed with loads of new and interesting features to support the ever-evolving release processes of Agile teams and ensure enhanced testing efficiency. In an era of ever-decreasing release cycles, an effective test management process is absolutely critical to keep pace with an evolving Agile environment, while still maintaining a high standard of software quality in order to fulfil customer expectations. synapseRT 9.6 can provide your organization the flexibility to handle all aspects of your test management within Jira, while optimizing the speed and quality of testing to improve business outcomes.

New features, enhanced testing value The 9.6 version can make your QA process simpler, faster and more efficient than ever before. Here’s a quick look at the new features:

  • Agile Integration: The execution of a test case can now be performed directly from Jira Agile board, thanks to the addition of a new feature called ‘Test Activities.’ This will facilitate faster execution of test plans and smoother management of all aspects of software quality.

  • Enhanced reporting: Access a range of new reports and gadgets that provide comprehensive information about your test library, issues reported during testing and test execution results. With improved visibility and insights into the quality, progress and overall status of your Jira projects, you can cut waste in the testing process and improve overall efficiency.

  • Basic Search' for planning phase: With the new 'Basic Search' feature, it becomes more convenient to gather and select all needed test cases during the planning phase.

  • New JQLsSearch for issues in Jira like a pro and pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, thanks to the enhanced search functionality offered by new JQLs.

  • Improved "Add Attachment" featureAttach multiple files all at once during test execution and ensure more efficient time management.

With all these additions, you can give your test teams the flexibility, visibility, and insights they need to get even more efficient with test management and ensure accelerated delivery of better-quality software as they rapidly scale Agile and DevOps. We have also fixed some bugs, so you will have a smoother experience.

To get a complete understanding of how synapseRT 9.6 works and how your Agile testing teams can leverage its features for enhanced testing outcomes, sign up for a live demo

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