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synapseRT 9.2 is Here With New Parametrization Feature

Aug 30, 2018 | by Krittika Banerjee | posted in synapseRT for Jira

Parametrization is particularly important in an agile software environment. As your agile organization evolves, testing needs to hit the accelerator and keep pace with an accelerating development lifecycle, while still maintaining a high standard of software quality in order to fulfill customer expectations.

With our new synapseRT 9.2 release for Jira, we have upped our test execution game with test case parameters.

Test Case Parameters for Test Execution

The 9.2 version is everything your developers and testers could wish for to improve your testing outcomes. It helps you make your QA process simpler, faster and more efficient than ever before.

This new feature will allow your test teams to:

  • Run the same test case multiple times with different data sets.

  • Store reusable test data in one centralized location.

  • Share test data across multiple test cases.

  • Eliminate the need to create duplicate test cases.

  • Create more flexible and manageable test processes

To understand how to use test parameters with synapseRT 9.2, access our documentation, which gives you a step-by-step breakdown of use cases.

Test Parametrization in an agile world: the key to lesser errors and faster development

Test parametrization offers the simplest way to create more coherent, manageable and flexible test processes. By allowing you to re-use the test commands with multiple data sets, and share test data across multiple test cases, parametrization can greatly simplify the management of complex test cases, and act as a huge time-saver. With increased testing efficiency and accuracy, your teams can ensure accelerated delivery of better quality software as they rapidly scale to agile and DevOps.

Improve your testing outcomes with synapseRT 9.2

In an era of ever-decreasing release cycles, an effective test management process is absolutely critical to ensure that the optimal quality of software is maintained when it is released to the marketplace. When executed correctly with the right tools, test management is the best way to enhance efficiency, reduce waste in the testing process, and optimize the speed and quality of testing.

synapseRT, now with a 9.2 version, is a dynamic and robust tool designed to handle all aspects of your test management. It provides your organization the flexibility and ease-of-use across different users, streamlines tracking capabilities, enables real-time reporting and automation integration, and ensures collaborative capabilities and scalability across development processes.

To get a complete understanding of how synapseRT 9.2 works and how your agile testing teams can leverage its features for enhanced testing outcomes, sign up for a free trial!

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