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How Jira to CRM Integration Can Help You Deliver a Better Customer Experience

May 5, 2020 | by Anjana Ramesh | posted in CRM Plugin for Jira

Delivering an exceptional customer experience requires your sales, customer support, and development teams to work together in close collaboration. And, Goldfinger’s (formerly Go2Group) CRM Plugin helps you do just that. The plugin helps you tightly integrate top CRM systems like Salesforce, SugarCRM, and MS Dynamics with Atlassian Jira, thus enabling your teams to get a holistic view of your customer information like customer history, their issues, previous communication, and feedback. Furthermore, integrating Jira with your CRM system facilitates automatic, real-time synchronization between the systems, so you can cut down on manual processes. In this blog, we discuss some of the key features and capabilities offered by the CRM plugin for Jira.

Bi-directional flow of information When your customers seek your support to resolve their issues, they need a seamless experience across all their interactions with your organization. To provide the same, your sales, support, and development teams need access to all the required customer information.

Connecting your CRM system with Jira automatically syncs the information between the two systems, providing the required context to the teams. Our CRM plugin supports many-to-one and many-to-many data mappings. For instance, you can link multiple customer cases in your CRM system to a single issue in Jira. Configurable workflow You can set up highly configurable and flexible workflows where users can specify which fields are copied between the systems and under which conditions. This helps each team better prioritize their tasks, avoid manual errors, and automatically assign responsibilities to the respective assignees. As a result, the teams resolve issues much faster and more effectively. Extensive control over comments and attachments For disparate teams to get more clarity on customer issues and feedback, the CRM plugin allows users to copy the comments and attachments between Jira and any CRM record – either manually or automatically. Furthermore, it also enables the users to control which comments can be copied and the visibility of those comments in the other system. Quick integration Integrating Jira with your CRM system can be done quickly with the help of our easy-to-install CRM plugin. Besides, the plugin’s interface is intuitive enough to help you do the integration yourself with no technical support. Once you connect your Jira and CRM system, you’ll have an aggregate view of your customers across your support, sales, and development teams. Interested in learning more? To delve deeper into how you can integrate your Jira and CRM systems to achieve greater efficiency and speed in resolving customer-centric tasks,schedule a demo with us today!

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