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Build a Powerful Test Management
System in Jira

Jira + TestRay = A complete test and requirements management solution

If you are a Jira shop, there is no need for an additional testing tool. The Testray plugin gives Jira all the functionality to plan and manage all aspects of quality testing!

Key Features


Simplified release process
End-to-end traceability in the software lifecycle means no disruption, a shorter release cycle, and faster time-to-market.


Deep features ≠ deep pockets
There’s no need for another test management tool.


Incredible insight
View your development and test workflows from inside Jira.


Greater productivity
Track all DevOps efforts in a single tool. Greater visibility means greater productivity.


Enhanced collaboration
Productivity is maximized when efforts are shared between teams. TestRay fosters collaboration, all within Jira!

Mindset Comes First, Test Tools Come Last

Watch Daniel Polan, QA Lead, Adacta Group talk about the benefits of using
a powerful test management tool like TestRay within Atlassian Jira.

TestRay as a Powerful Test Management Tool Within Jira

Find out how a leading insurance solutions company increased productivity
and cut costs by using TestRay.


TestRay Overview

What customers are saying

"synapseRT made us change our direction in tool selection. The amount of features, support, and the low price make it a no brainer.

Just the fact that you don’t need to manage another standalone application and that it integrates so beautifully within Jira makes it amazing. And it just works out of the box."


Javier Javier
via Atlassian Marketplace

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